Today in my workshop

Working at my main workbench.  Good light is essential for fine work.

  1. A view from my office (next to my workshop) across the rooftops of south Edinburgh early one fine autumn morning. Photo; David Edwards.
  2. 23th August, 2016 - At long last, finally, I am fit enough to start some work again!!! Although now officially retired I am finishing off a batch of candles this week before commencing another violin (already spoken for) and will relate my progress with photos. I have been out of action with a broken leg and complications one year now. and now, aged 79, I decided to "call it a day" and retire. I am no longer able to put in a full day's work and will devote my remaining workshop time to finishing incomplete pieces. Thanks to all of you who follow my blog for your patience! Tidying up my workshop and still making candles at the moment - as below.

1/12th scale candles, 1.5mm & 2mm diameter, "burnt" & "unburnt".  Photo: David Edwards.