Sunday, 4 March 2012

1/12th scale violin neck peg-box and scroll being carved. Photo: David Edwards,

‎1/12th scale violin neck, pegbox and scroll in the process of being carved (in one piece, as in the full-size violin). So far the side silhouette has been finished. It rests on a peg-board, an essential aid in any workshop (this one I remember buying in Poland in the days of "the iron curtain"). Note that I have ground flat the blade on the Swann Morton knife leaving only a few mm sharpened near the point. This is to give a more sensitive feel to the fingertips without having them cut. By the way, I always mount the pegboard in a vice and level it with a spirit-level for absolute accuracy. And I have many visual aids such as photos and drawings to hand for constant reference.


  1. Un trabajo muy minucioso, te esta quedando fantastico.
    besitos ascension

  2. This is gorgious, as all of your work.