Monday, 15 October 2012

1/12th scale silhouettes in turned pearwood frame complete with with "glass" on a background of postage stamps featuring silhouettes. Photo: David Edwards.

These silhouettes are real and each one is handmade and stands proud of the backing (although this is not apparent in the photo) - not a photocopy.They represent a young lady, a young man and a young girl.


  1. Maybe a silhouettes family! ;)

  2. How lovely!
    I was gifted of an egg darner made by you two years ago and I cherish it like a treasure. Your work is truly outstanding.
    Thank you for sharing, Rosanna

  3. Wow David, that most have been a difficult job.. cutting those faces, especially so neatly, but you've done an amazing job. With the beautiful turned frames another work of art from your hands!