Friday, 12 April 2013

A photo of a violin (finished 2013) resting on a full-size violin peg.

1/12th scale violin in pearwood with fingerboard, tailpiece and pegs in ebony. The bridge is recycled ivory and the strings and tailgut are real gut. There isa soundpost inside just like the real instrument and it is resting on afull-size violin peg. The length is two inches. Photo: David Edwards.


  1. this is a beautiful violin David! I always loved it, and also like the way you photographed it here on the normal size peg. You've done an amazing job with this violin!

  2. It looks so much like my 1:1 violin (except I use steel-covered nylon strings). Incredible.

  3. Hi David!
    Thanks for showing yet another gorgeous miniature.
    Your work is so detailed it is just amazing.
    Photographing it on a real size peg makes one realize just how incredibly tiny this is. Beautiful!

  4. Every time I look at your items I am awed by their miniature perfection.

  5. Je découvre ton Blog. Je suis très admirative de ton travail.

  6. Hello David! I have been a fan of yours since the 80's but have only now discovered your blog! You do some of the most detailed and exciting work I know and this violin is exceptional and it would be truly wondrous if there were a pair of mini hands to play and enjoy it!